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Family Law

We understand that dealing with family matters is often extremely personal and has a tremendous impact on your life, the lives of others and often your finances. At Mostyn Prettyman, our attorneys will closely consult with you to make sure that we are fully addressing your needs in a unique and personal way that minimizes your stress while achieving your goals.

Injury Law

Injury can cause great physical pain, disruption in life and financial hardship, so acting quickly when injured due to another person’s negligence is critical. At Mostyn Prettyman we will work closely with you to fight for your rights to ensure that you are fully compensated for workplace injuries, negligence of others or for the wrongful death of loved-ones.

Criminal Defense

At Mostyn Prettyman, we understand that facing prosecution for criminal offenses is frightening, and you should not face possible jail time, heavy fines or loss of a driver’s license alone. We know the court system and can tenaciously defend you. We will make sure that the facts are truly represented in court and will ensure the best outcome possible for you.

Attorney Ad Litem

At Mostyn Prettyman, we offer representation as guardian ad litem for individuals who cannot represent themselves in court, including children or people who may be permanently or temporarily incapacitated.  Our court-approved attorneys ad litem have experience in being objective advocates for those whom they represent.

Civil Law

Our team of attorneys can assist with a wide range of complex legal issues including family law, employment law, business formation and transfer, contracts, property disputes and real estate, personal injury and insurance, mediation, and estate planning.

Wills/Probate Law

At Mostyn Prettyman, we can help ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes. Whether you have a large estate or a very small estate, we can explain the benefits of planning how to distribute your assets after death, and we can help you protect your assets.  Additionally, we can help you probate the estate of a loved one, after their death, helping to settle the estate with as little stress to you as possible.

Business Law

Large or small, our experienced attorneys can help your company with business formation, liability minimization, commercial contracts, real estate, debt collection, and protection of trade secrets and proprietary information. We help you structure your business from the ground up, or we can help you with existing legal issues facing your business.


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