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Civil Law

Providing services including breach of contract claims, insurance claims, disability, worker’s compensation, property disputes and landlord-tenant issues, as well as divorce, family disputes, and personal injury claims.

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We aggressively fight for our clients and get results, understanding that non-payment of what is owed often leads to financial hardship. We also understand that clients may be wrongfully targeted for payment, so we will fight for your legal rights to retain what is rightfully yours.

Contract Law | Mostyn Prettyman | NWA

Our experienced attorneys have a proven track record of success for its clients, whether through litigation, negotiation or mediation.  We know how to fight for your rights when a contract is breached and how to defend against false accusations when wrongfully accused of a breach.

Fraud | Mostyn Prettyman | NW Arkansas

Fraud can occur when a person uses high pressure or deceptive sales tactics, misrepresents what they can do for you, or flat-out lies to get you to contract with them. We have a proven track record of success in protecting your rights when you are a victim of these unscrupulous activities.

Mostyn Prettyman | Civil Law Cases

We are experienced at drafting and negotiating lease agreements and indemnity clauses, as well as litigating for landlords involving collection actions and breach of lease agreements. We understand the need for rapid response in unlawful detainer actions when a tenant needs to be evicted.  We, also, have extensively represented tenants’ rights, when landlords have pursued wrongful eviction or have engaged in unfair practices.

Real Estate
Mostyn Prettyman | Housing & Civil Law

We provide comprehensive assistance in complicated commercial real estate transactions involving accurate valuation, terms, financing and regulations through the entire process of the sale or purchase, with the goal of giving you the most protection possible from a bad deal or future liability.  In residential real estate, many buyers do not realize that the selling agent does not represent you in the process.  Whether buying or selling through an agent, or sale by owner, we can help the seller or buyer make sure that the contracted price is fair, that all laws are being followed, that title is rightfully searched and transferred and that there is no risk of unforeseen issues after the contract is signed.

Mostyn Prettyman | Employment Law

Our attorneys know the complexities of the laws and regulations that affect both employers and employees. If you are a small business, we can help you to make sure that you are in compliance with state and federal laws in your day-to-day operations, in hiring policies, tax and withholding requirements and in your contractual agreements. If you are an employee, we can advise you on possible wrongful termination claims, possible violations of state and federal minimum wage laws, Family and Medical Leave Act violations, harassment claims, health and safety violations and many other work-related claims.

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