Business Law

Business Law

Providing a wide array of business services including business formation, contract formation, contract litigation, property transactions, employment agreements, liability protection, to name just a few.

Mostyn Prettyman | Contract Services

Our experienced attorneys will help in creating contractual agreements that comprehensively and accurately represent your goals and financial interests.  We also can review existing contracts to make sure that all provisions protect your interests, while conforming to all legal requirements.

Debt Collection
Mostyn Prettyman | Ark Lawyers

Non-payment of money owed will put a severe financial strain on your business.  Our experienced attorneys can help in collection of debts efficiently while minimizing the expense of collection to you or your business.

Practice Areas | Mostyn Prettyman

Mostyn Prettyman will help you sift through the seemingly complex options in the formation of your business. We will thoroughly explain the different benefits and disadvantages of different types of business entities to ensure that your business is formed in a way that most completely meets your short and long-term goals.

Injury Law | Mostyn Prettyman

It is critical that your business is protected from unnecessary liability. We will advise you on the initial formation of your business and assist in the creation of contracts that can protect you and your business.  We also will passionately represent you in negotiations or in court to minimize your financial exposure.

Mostyn Prettyman | Civil Law Services

Our experienced attorneys get results in representing your business in any in-court or out-of-court conflict.  We expertly litigate contract disputes, debt collection, partnership disputes and liability issues.

Arkansas Business Law | Mostyn Prettyman

Mostyn Prettyman will expertly negotiate to get you the results that you expect and deserve in contract formation, debt collection, liability disputes and breach of contract by clients and service providers.

Sales & Service
Mostyn Prettyman | Attorney Services

Our experienced attorneys will negotiate sales and service contracts that drive results for your business. We will also review existing contracts to make sure that the provisions are set up to best benefit your business in the short and long run and that the provisions shield you from liability to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Mostyn Prettyman | Employment Law

Our attorneys know the complexities of the laws and regulations that affect both employers and employees. If you are a small business, we can help you to make sure that you are in compliance with state and federal laws in your day-to-day operations, in hiring policies, tax and withholding requirements and in your contractual agreements. If you are an employee, we can advise you on possible wrongful termination claims, possible violations of state and federal minimum wage laws, Family and Medical Leave Act violations, harassment claims, health and safety violations and many other work-related claims.

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